Why Should you choose

spectacular laboratory grown diamonds?

scientific innovation

earth friendly

authentic diamond

tremendous value

Why Eco?

Lab grown diamonds require

no mining or earth displacement.


Brilliant Encore lab grown diamonds are significantly lower priced than comparable quality earth born diamonds, providing exceptional value. This is your opportunity to access superior quality diamonds at a fraction of the traditional retail price.

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Lab grown diamonds have the same

physical, atomic and elemental properties as mined diamonds.

The Federal Trade Commission has stated :

“A diamond is a mineral consisting essentially of pure carbon crystallized in the isometric system”.


All of our diamonds are independently laboratory certified by International Gemological Institute, a widely respected and accredited organization.

Retail Site

Our goal after a successful Kickstarter campaign is to provide our followers, friends and colleagues with a broad selection of diamonds and jewelry for all budgets and tastes, accessing the incredible value afforded by this cutting edge technology.

The One

One Earth, One Journey, One Carat, One perfectly responsible lab grown diamond. Perfect as a gift for yourself or others, necklaces and solitaire rings, to be worn and cherished for a lifetime!

Lab Created

Brilliant Encore utilizes two main two types of laboratory grown diamond technology:

HPHT – A small diamond seed is placed into a piece of carbon. Using either a belt press, cubic press or a split-sphere press, the carbon is pressurized to approximately 1.5 million pounds per square inch, while being exposed to temperatures over 2,700 Fahrenheit. This pressure and heat melt the carbon, forming a diamond around the initial diamond seed.

CVD – Like HPHT, CVD uses a small diamond seed which is placed inside a sealed chamber then heated to over 1,400 Fahrenheit and filled with carbon-rich gases, commonly methane and hydrogen. These gases are ionized into plasma using technology similar to lasers or microwaves – breaking down the molecular bond of the gas. Once the molecular bond is broken, pure carbon sticks to the seed forming a new diamond.


The One is mounted in a four compass-point claw prong setting to showcase the classic elegance of your diamond solitaire. – be the center of attention with this beautiful ring.


The One pendant will sparkle and shine in a four-prong setting that highlights the diamond to perfection. Suspended on a delicate cable chain this pendant is ready to be dressed up or down.

Retail Cost

The One reflects the way our diamonds are lab grown while foregoing the great expense associated with mining natural diamonds. Identical to earth born diamonds, we offer you incredible diamonds for incredible value.


After we have achieved our fundraising objective and closed the campaign, we anticipate delivering all orders in within 8-12 weeks.

The Owners

The Brilliant Encore partners are adept industry experts, who uniquely understand the seismic shift this new technology can bring to consumers.

“We are eager to bring the value and brilliance of this new product to market, with a goal to restore an eco-centric balance to the premium diamond space.”


Size guide for “The One” rings
All ring orders will be shipped as size 6.5, and all necklaces will be 17” in length, these are the most popular sizes commonly ordered.

Return Policy
If you are unhappy with your product for any reason after receiving, you will have 14 days to return for a full refund.